Late summer madness.

I haven’t written about a perfume on this blog for over a month now. That gives me a sad and uncomfortable feeling in the pit of my stomach, something akin to guilt. I have a real sense that I owe this space more love and attention than I can currently lavish upon it.

You see, things have gotten a little complicated recently. I’m still writing regularly about perfumes, except it’s been for London magazines in collaboration with Bloom. It’s been really fun to do actually, very short scent descriptions require me to really think about the vocabulary I’m using.

It’s also meant that I’ve discovered a treasure trove of new fragrances to get excited about, which I hope to be able to write about in more detail soon. I can tell you that I’m currently head over heels for ‘The Architects Club’ from Arquiste. It’s a light and delicious vanilla soufflé with gorgeous sharp citruses. A totally heavenly concoction of my two fail safe favourite notes. I’m also rather enamoured with ‘Tardes’ from Carner. This one is oozy, sticky, dark red cherries and boozy almonds in the opening, with a surprising grassiness in the dry down that’s all sunlit and autumnal. It’s sweet, sweet, sweet but then I like that.

So why haven’t I just sat down and written about either of them? Well, my fickle nature and wanton creativity have led me slightly astray over recent weeks, that and the daily realities of earning money and being a mother. I’m halfway through an unpaid internship with a big wedding blog called Love My Dress, meaning every week I trawl through beautiful pictures of beautiful weddings and pull it all together into an article. I applied in the hope that writing in a different style might broaden my skills, and also because I love a good wedding so I’ll be sad when it’s over in December. I’ve been writing for them and writing for Bloom and I’ve also been keeping up three ten hour shifts a week at work.

The niggling voice in my head that tells me to make things had been growing louder and louder, until I couldn’t silence it anymore. If I’m not physically creating something, anything in three dimensions my mind gets itchy and frustrated, it’s always been this way. Although writing uses lots of my creative juices, the fact that when it’s published it sort of just flies off into the ether leaves me somewhat wanting. So I’ve been making things agaIn.

If you’d be interested in seeing what I’ve been up to then visit The Felted Arc on Facebook. It’s a very fledgling project and I hope to keep it up alongside everything else, as long as my brain doesn’t split one too many ways! My little creatures have been fairly popular so far, one mouse even making her way across the ocean to Boston USA!


I’m so sorry that there haven’t been any perfume stories of late. My life seems so full of twists and turns at the moment and I don’t feel fully in control of it. It’s exciting though and I’m willing to run alongside this mad runaway train and just try to keep up. Who knows where I’ll be in another two months!

Love from Susie x

6 thoughts on “Late summer madness.

  1. I don’t think you should feel guilty or even upset about not writing here about perfume: a lot of people write about perfume as a hobby and not that many do that as a job so you should be proud of that.
    Oh, and I have to say: love your mice!

  2. Ooh, another fan of your mice here, especially the one emerging from the half eaten book. And I second Undina’s suggestion about a cat…especially as I covet hers, but there is only one Rusty and he’s in the USA…

    Sounds like you have been busy writing all over the shop – I can well understand how you have your hands full enough as it is.

    PS The typo ‘wonton creativity’ made me smile. Please don’t fix it! My mind roamed free, imagining lots of new Chinese delicacies. 😉

    1. Oh no!! I have to change it! Although I’m glad it made you snigger xxx maybe a cat might get created at some point, I quite fancy doing a white one with green eyes 😊

  3. I love the little mouse so cute, and have just received some lovely bloom samples to work through after reading your views, oh and I like the 4160 tuesdays bought what I did on my holidays from the naughty box as I love smelling like Blackpool rock!

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