Lost Senses- some writing about why I’m not writing.

no sense of smell

My most sincere apologies for the lack of content on the blog of late. I feel I should explain why I’m not writing as much as I should at the moment.

Of course it has been Christmas, which is always distracting, especially because we have a little one to make it extra special for. We had such a wonderful time, dampened only slightly by the presence  of a particularly nasty cold. My daughter had it just before Christmas, mine started on Boxing Day.

I have to say that it’s knocked me for six. I’ve developed sinusitis which is both painful and exhausting. Worst of all, I have totally lost my sense of smell. I hadn’t realised how much I had come to rely on my nose- for all sorts of things. Of course I miss sampling perfume, I have a stack of fragrance that I’m desperate to sniff but at the moment there is simply no point putting it on. It’s strange but I’ve found the more mundane aromas of life the most sorely missed. I can’t smell the food I cook, nor really taste it. I can’t smell my shower gel or my lipstick, clean clothes smell exactly the same as dirty ones. I can’t even tell when my daughter’s nappy needs changing, which some might say is a blessing!

I know that this is not a permanent affliction. It will hopefully come right after a visit to the doctors but it’s left me feeling oddly paralysed and very afraid of what life would be like if I couldn’t smell anymore. When my sense of smell comes back, I shall be even more grateful for it and I promise you lots of lovely reviews.

Happy New Year,

Susie x


9 thoughts on “Lost Senses- some writing about why I’m not writing.

  1. Always good to hear from you in any guise, loved your intro on FFF, I love the site and the characters , it’s my guilty pleasure. SotD luminaire Blanche.

  2. Loosing sense of smell, even for a short while, isn’t fun at all. I hope you’ll get better soon.

    Are you wearing any perfume now at all or do you just wait for your illness to be over?

    1. Hi Undina,

      I’m not wearing any scent at the moment. All I can detect if I spray any on is the sensation of freshly applied perfume in my nose, not any actual smell at all 😦

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